6 Essential Features of a good online service provider.

Online Services

In the online world exists huge competition where countless businesses compete for user traffic, customer loyalty and user retention.  If you want to play in this arena, you must be prepared to do battle.

Like in any war, it is essential to have the right army behind you, if you intend to win.

Digital marketers are the soldiers who engage online and have an understanding that for any business to succeed, it must be able to direct traffic and convert that traffic into leads and sales.

A good online service provider needs to be up to date with the latest tools, technologies, and trends in search engine marketing (SEO), social media and web development.

These are the 6 essential things that you should look for in any business or individual that claims to offer these services.

  • ACEA – Thy are Accredited,  Connected, Educated and Associated

They should have accreditation with the local BBU (Better Business Bureau) and/or be associated with a local Chamber of Commerce.

An least one staff member should have a certificate in front-end development or UX design.

  • They use Cutting-edge Techniques

The online marketing sphere is constantly changing and techniques are evolving.  Good service providers are constantly updated and keep abreast of all cutting-edge technologies.  They are interested in and learn about each and every aspect of the digital world.

Companies need to evolve along with their customers.

It is no longer enough to run keyword campaigns in the current marketplace.  The truly efficient company is able to identify and generate accurate search queries and infuse them into good content on a relevant website in order to get positive results. Smart engines are getting smarter and as a result, good SEO companies are having to adopt smarter techniques.

Google provides a hint in its own search query recommendations that appear at the top of its ranking pages of what key terms are the best.

Google People also Ask

  • They place a Real Emphasis on Content

The primary focus of an online service provider should be quality content. Web pages would be rewritten with rich content including, video, photos, and info-graphics to answer user queries.

Users come to your website to learn, buy or get information about a product or service.

  • They regularly prepare Plans and Strategies

A competent firm will treat each client individually and will offer customized solutions. The service provider will devote its time and energy to learning about the specific goals and needs of the client so that it can provide personalized plans and effective strategies.  After evaluating your competitor’s strategy, the subject matter experts (SME) should bolster your strategy and formulate a more effective one.

  • They are Open about Findings from Google Analytics

An honest and reliable SEO firm would not hide the results from your analytics, but rather share them with you, on a monthly basis. This monthly analytics report is used to discuss how the web marketing plan is working so that you are able to locate weak spots and address issues so that they can adjust.  The report should come directly from Google or other software and not placed on a PowerPoint so you can see the real results.

  • Ethics is their Top Priority

A professional firm would never resort to unethical business techniques or policies even if it meant higher earnings for them.  It can and it does happen.

How do you ensure that your service provider is using all of these essential practices?  Arm yourself by researching them before they research you and your competitors.

As I always say, the more you know, the more you grow!


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