Get to Know Me

Madeline Foster

Marketing Experience: 15+

With almost two decades of digital marketing experience I understand what it takes to meet the needs of a diverse clientele, compose communications, research and analyze metrics while utilizing a host of different platforms and technologies.

And, that usually happens before the morning strategy meeting and my first cup of coffee!

The topics that I write about are often dictated by the project that I am working on. While that provides me with a diversified portfolio, it does not always reflect my own voice but I do believe there is part of me in everything I do.

Born and raised in the Southwest suburb of Montreal, I learned how to make a lot out of a little and I apply this same strategy to marketing. Celebrate the wins and adjust the failures.

Verdun is a working class diversified community with a huge Irish population. My family has deep roots in this community. It was there that I learned the value of hard work, respect, and tolerance for others.

I live my life with this one philosophy: “The more you know the more you grow!”

If we could all share knowledge and be more transparent about things, everyone would make informed decisions. I teach, therefore I learn. Sharing knowledge is important to me, I think it makes me grow as a person and an entrepreneur.

I believe that when I write about how I feel and the things that matter to me, I create magic.  People connect with that.

My personal stories have never made it in print. I have spent years writing them (in my head) and I think it will soon be time to share them, retiring will afford me that. For now, I continue to work and write knowing that what I have chosen as my career allows me to do that.

Here are some of my published articles:





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