How do you know if your boss likes you?


Have you ever had a situation happen to you or a coworker that makes the hair on your back stand up? Have you ever wanted to just stop and say to your manager or colleague, “Really George?”

I am pretty certain that at some point in your career, you have. And, I am betting that if you did nothing about it because you feared the possibility of losing your job.

The truth of the matter is, not all managers are helping you succeed. They can be hindering you from moving forward because of their own incompetence or insecurity.

Most likely they are not even aware they are doing it, they just do not know how to communicate as effectively as they think they can and this can spell trouble for some employees.

10 Warning signs your boss probably doesn’t like you.

  1. He or she rolls their eyes every time you speak.
  2. He or she often contradicts what you say even if you are the SME.
  3. He or she cuts you out of important meetings and lacks transparency.
  4. They cut you off in mid-sentence and say what you just said in a different way.
  5. They consistently say things that make you feel uncomfortable in meetings (either about your or someone else) and often gossip.
  6. Whenever you try to talk about the situation the conversation always turns into something you did or he or she places you in a defensive position at the start of the conversation. Communication is a two-way responsibility.
  7. Do you often feel unappreciated and dismissed or confused about your roles and responsibilities?
  8. Do other team members seem to have preconceived views about your personality? If this is true, then it is likely your boss has spoken ill of you.
  9. Does your boss ask if you are sure that the answer you are providing is correct? This indicates they do not trust your judgment.
  10. Do you often feel like your being singled out?

These are sure signs that you may need to speak to your boss or Human Resources representative and you better do it quickly because if these things are something you experience on a daily basis, you will eventually quit or worse blow up at someone.

Do not let it get to this point! It is not worth the stress that it causes.

Most people do not know this but it is within your right to visit Human Resources to discuss this matter. If they cannot resolve it, then you really did not lose anything because clearly this is not the place for you.

In the end, what is the fear you have? Losing this job? There is life afterward.

Here is the hard part, if you don’t go to HR to explain the situation and things go bad you are likely to be out of a job either way. At least if you have made an attempt to rectify the situation you will have legal grounds for quitting. If you do nothing and explode then you have neither a job nor any ground to stand on.

Everyone needs a job, but you do not have to work in a toxic environment. There is life after work and sometimes you find yourself in a much better place where you never thought you would be.

Learn from my mistakes.

Go to HR and tell them. If for no other reason than it will make you feel better to tell someone how you feel.


Published by Madeline Foster

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